Mahesh Vettiyar

Mahesh is a  animator and avid cartoonist, who works at Toonz Animation India in Technopark, has trekked up the holy hill to Sabarimala “countless” times since he was six years old. Having been born and raised in the village of Vettiyar, a few miles down the road from Pandalam Palace, Mahesh “grew up on the legend” and is “well-versed” with the tale of how Manikandan, a prince of the royal family of Pandalam, came to be Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala. Now Toonz is retelling the legend of Lord Ayyappa as an animated action-adventure, fantasy flick titled Swami Ayyappan, based on Mahesh’s story and screenplay. Mahesh has also co-directed the film (along with Mumbai-based Chetan Sharma, chief executive officer of Animagi-c)