Ibrahim Badusha

Ibrahim Badusha who draws under the nom-de-plume of ‘BADUSHA’ was born on 24th February, 1984, at Alwaye as the son of Hamsa Hydroze and Suhara Hamsa. He is married to Safeena. They have two children, Fathima and Fanan.

His educational Qualifications include a KGCE, Advanced Programme in Animation and Digital Arts TOONZ ACADEMY Trivandrum. He runs a couple of popular Cartoon Columns named ‘Easy Drawing’ and ‘Trinity Mirror’. At present he is working as Animation cartoon consultant.

His awards include Animaster IGLOO , and the best animation short film award for Hunger 2008’. To his credits there are 13 books and 3 CDs on cartooning. He is also the Author of CARTOON HANDBOOK published by Kerala cartoon academy. More than 1000 Easy Drawings of his appeared in leading newspapers like Nava Hind Times and Deccan. He also worked as cartoonist for Heartbeat , a children’s magazine, Padashala childrens suppliment ,Thejus Daily. He now presents ‘Easy drawing’ in Amritha TV.

He lives at Kallungal House, Near Shivagiri School, Thottumugam P.O,
Contact Mobile : 9249991945
Phone (Res) : 9744617038
Email : ,